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I didn't trust anyone with my teeth for 35 years!! So it was a BIG deal when I chipped my tooth and knew I had to bite the bullet and see a dentist. There are lots of choices out there, but I had always heard good things about you and your staff. You didn't disappointment. Thanks for a job well done!- Cal


This is a very professional service. The appointments are kept on time, the technician is proficient, puts the patient at ease, and performs the sevices professionally and proficiently. Dr. Burks is very professional, easy to get along with, and keeps me well informed. I am very satisfied with the quality of work. - Richard


I don't know how Dr. Burks manages to find the "cream of the crop" for staff!- Jim


My only concern is why we didn't find you earlier. For one reason or another, you aren't listed as covered under our insurance, and I'm concerned that there are more Ottawans' that are covered under our plan that haven't found you yet!- Mallory


The kids and I love going to the dentist! You are the very best! - Beth


I have only compliments for Dr. Burks and his staff. You really take the scare out of dentistry for children. My kids look forward to every visit. This is the BEST oral care I have ever recieved. THANK YOU!- Elizabeth


I have no concerns. I have total confidence in Dr. Burks as well as the rest of the staff. I am very happy to be a patient in your office. - Brandon


Yes, I have a concern; I'm afraid that because everyone there is so kind, understanding, helpful, a pleasure to be around, when I'm finally finished having everything done for me, and I won't have to come back except for any emergency, I'm not going to want to leave and not come back because I would miss everyone too much! Lol - Really, though, it's so true, that everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE is very special. There is so much cheerfulness from everyone, and all are so very helpful. I have never met a group of people in one office that make a person feel so comfortable and welcome. Thank you, all!- Shari


You have a great staff and I have never felt out of place in your office. It's almost like not going to the dentist.- Phillip


Dr. Burks and his staff are fabulous not only with me, but the kids as well. He is by far the best dentist I have ever gone to!- Minid


Always excellant professional service. Thanks!- Leslie


Everyone in the office is very professional and friendly. We both recommend Dr. Burks on a regular basis.- Dave and Jody


I have been in twice and each time the staff is wonderful and I feel Dr. Burks is a very good dentist.- Luanne


I generally don't recommend as a rule but I do feel this office is very good. I am very satisfied with everyone. - Jo


We love your office, staff, and Dr. Burks!- Myers Family


You all do a GREAT job!- Seth


no complaints or ideas on how to improve Every thing was better than I expected I LOVE Dr. Burks I was VERY impressed He went the extra mile to make sure everything was done right. The staff was the best. I WILL BE back though it may take a little time I have no insurance so it is a little pricy but worth every penny Thank you so much for being there for me.- - Michael


I have always wanted to find a dentist office that is personable, cheery, treats patients like "old friends", makes children "like" going to the dentist, etc .... and NOW I have! Thanks for caring!- Gail


thanks for having the CD that helped to ignore the drilling. - Christine


Always love the way everyone in the office shows real concern about my and my family's needs!- Carolyn


I have high anxiety and low pain tolerance, this cleaning was the least painful of any cleaning I can remember. I can't say I like going to the DDS but I feel comfortable and confident in this office and the care.-Renee


Very professional operation. - Dan


I have been going to Dr. Burks for years. I like when I walk in the door that the receptionist and staff call my family and I by name. They know us and we feel comfortable when we are recieving care. Dr. Burks is carefule to ensure we know what the plan of care is and any expense that will be incurred. I will always recommend them to others.- Toby


Your thoughtfulness and great personal care is much appreciated. Thanks for restoring my SMILE!- Joan


I appreciated the technicians thoroughness and concerns.- Connie


I enjoy the twice per year visits. Everyone is professional and friendly. Employees all have time to visit and make a patient feel welcome. The work is outstanding...my teeth always feel better! Hope you never change.- Larry


You guys are great and treat me well.- Maggie


Everyone makes your appointment a very enjoyable experience. My daughter loves coming to the dentist!!- Billie


Excellent dentist and the operational components of the practice are excellent too!- Chris


My young sons have no fears or concerns about going to the dentist- thanks to you and your staff!- Loyal


I love your office. I always refer people to you because of the way we are treaed whn we are called or come in. Always cheerful and friendly.- Tera


I have been sick the last 5 years and Dr Burks and his staff Melissa, Brenda, Doreen, Mimi, and Roxie have always made me fell welcomed and important. I refer people all the time and even though it would be easier with my illness to stay local I can't because Dr. Burks and his team are the best! I am a person not a dollar and will always go there.- Melanie


I enjoy the neat, clean, friendly, and professional assistance of what I think of as Dr. Burks' "ladies". They and Dr. Burks have always given me the best service and advice.  I have had four family densists in my life. (Two died and one retired to Florida.) Their time as my dentists ranged from five to twenty-five years.  They were all good dentists, but I would rank Dr. Burks and his staff at the top of my list. Having dental work done is not usually a pleaseant experience, but I believe your office does everything it can to smooth out the process. Thank you!- Chris


A very nice and friendly office. - Peggy


They are wonderful to me and my family every time!- Dan


Your office staff have always been professional, caring, helpful and friendly.  And you have taken particular care in making sure I have a pleasant visit and lessen the stress even if the procedure may not be a pleasant one. - Janis


Very courteous staff who called each of us by name and exceeded all expectations for typical business! - Paul


Your office atmosphere is the perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism.- Rita


The people at this office always care about me. That makes me feel like coming back and recommending this office to others.- Diana


You have a great staff that shows your patients that you care about them! - Juanita


I'm always very happy with the professional but very friendly staff and with Dr. Burks. It's obvious everyeone tries hard to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible, including the nice nature view through the windows. I also like seeing photos of my teeth and dental work on the computer. They make the recommendations and explanations of the dentistry that much clearet. Keep up the good work. - Monica


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt care you gave me when I lost a filling in my tooth.  Dr. Burks you are a great dentist and you have a wonderful, well trained staff.  Thanks again! - Janie


Thank you for all of the children friendly things you had- they enjoyed the appointment.  - Emily


I have a small mouth and I like how that was taken into consideration on the x-rays. - Jo Ann


Very good staff. - Kara


Dr. Burks you're the BEST! - Kelley


I've been very happy with Dr. Burks and his staff.- Harold


Always a pleasant experience!-Leslie


Every experience at this office has been great and I have been coming for 16 years or so.  - Kay


They are great, very nice.  BEST dentist, I have ever been to. - Racheal


How sweet of you to give me a bouquet of flowers after my appointment.  What a wonderful group! Thanks!  - Donna


Everything went well and I was very pleased with the cleaning and evaluation of my teeth. - Ralph


Everyone that works here is very knowledgeable and friendly. They make is a pleasurable experience - Janet


You offer excellent services and the staff is welcoming, friendly and very professional. Thanks! - Linda


Everyone in the office is very friendly and professional. - Janet


Just look at all of you being so thoughtful! Certainly brightened my day and probably my whole week!  I appreciate the flowers and the cheerfulness they brought. - Diana


Another great visit! Thanks for everything. - Troy


Best expierence I have had at the dentist in a long time. Thank you! - Kellie


All services and staff were very professional and friendly. Your staff is excellant! - Tom


Dr. Burks you have a very nice staff of girls, they were all so very kind to me and I appreciated it! - Rosa Lee


We have always enjoyed the care we have received with Dr. Burks and would recommend him highly.  I like that he treats his assistants courteously.  - Lori


I want to thank you for the beautiful bouquet.  The lily is the sweetest smelling lily ever, just delicious! When I ask about paying my bill, I didn't park too close, I was afraid I couldn't  make two trips to the car.  Brenda was so nice, got my billfold so I could pay not only that, but she drove my car up to the curb and got me out to the car along with the bouquet!  I appreciate her help and thank you! - Lena Belle


I am so lucky to have such caring and supportive people in my life. - Laura


I am very satisfied with your services, office practice, and procedures. - Randy


Everyone is wonderful at Dr. Burks.  Friendly and kind! Dr. Burks is very focused on making sure my children feel comfortable and if there is a procedure that may be the slightest bit uncomfortable he and his team are focused on managing that appropriately.  In their team doing so my children feel very comfortable in them doing what needs to be done.  When a child feels safe and comfortable with a dentist working on their mouth that is a high compliment!  - Melanie


I hate going to the dentist but I enjoy coming to your office! I feel very taken care of. - Heather


Everyone is always very friendly as well as professional.  - Annette


I have always felt the professionalism in this practice is top notch and the care given equal to that.  Thank you for all these good years of care. - Linda


I highly recommend Dr. Burks office to everyone.  I think everything is great there.  Friendly and professional all the way.  Melissa, Brenda, and Doreen are some of the best staff there.  Thank you for such great service.  - Mel


I'm so pleased to have found this dental office!  Thanks so much for working my problem tooth into your busy schedule and making me feel so comfortable during the procedure.  I'll be calling today to make appointments for my family for routine cleanings.  - Trish


I wouldn't use another dentist, really enjoy Dr. Burks and all the staff there.  Thank you for the great service.  - Sara


In over twenty years, I have always been treated as a valued client and friend at this office.  I wouldn't ask for better, they are wonderful to me and my family every time..  - Diana


I think Dr. Burks is probably the BEST dentist I've ever had!  - Kathy


I love all of you at the office and so I'll drive or pay in order to keep on returning to your office.  Doreen is terrific.  She is the reason I am a RDH today.  Thank you for the many wonderful years of service for my family and myself.  - Stephanie


Good Music.  - Joni


Great experience!! Thanks very much.-Patrick


Dr. Burks' advice on "bite" exercies is already helping.-Alene


Everything was wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing!-Carolyn


We love Dr. Burks and his entire staff. They are all so kind and sweet to us each time we come in! They all know us by name and face when we walk in the door! No need to say who we are! It is like visiting friends.-Jenna


Great care and service. -Roger


Dr. Burks you're the best! - Kelley


Always great and everyone friendly, thats why we drive an hour to still come there.- Karen


Always friendly and the gals in the office are really good looking. -Mike


Great service as always. Dr. Burks and his staff are top notch.-Kelly


All of your staff are very friendly and great to work with. I recommend your office every chance I get. Thanks! - Juanita


Great as always...thanks!  - Dave


As usual, the staff was warm but professional, and they make patients feel comfortable, even in the face of dentistry!-   - Diana


Everyone was great as you always are.  I tell everyone about you.  - Lynda


Thank you, each and everyone, for all your help these last four months with my husband and his teeth after the accident.  You have been so helpful and we are truly so thankful for all of you.  Everyone was so professional in every way.  - Marilyn


Wonderful Experience everytime. Thanks! - Marilyn


Hi girls! We all know you are a special bunch, so caring and fun. - Jane


Best visit I've ever had to the dentist! - Elizabeth


I just wanted to thank you for the flowers! I referred my co-workers because you have a wonderful bedside manor and your staff is very friendly.  I would honestly recommend you to anyone who asks "Who is a good dentist in town?" I was having a difficult day and the flowers made me SMILE! Thank you so much!  - Tera


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